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  • Electronic voltage tester is designed to test AC voltages from 24 to 240V AC at four useful levels
  • Tests DC voltages from 32 to 330V at four levels
  • Built-in test lead holder on back of voltage tester holds the leads in one of two positions: one so that they are spaced correctly to test tamper-resistant US-style outlets and the other for convenient storage of the test leads
  • Batteries not required; voltage tester is powered by the applied voltage
  • Voltage tester is rated CATIII 350V, Class 2, Double insulation and has IP44 ingress protection
  • Receptacle tester detects the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles
  • Works on GFI outlets and confirms operation of the ground fault protective device
  • Nominal Voltage of receptacle tester: 110/125V AC at 50/60Hz in 3-wire outlet
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Interactive Catalog

Klein Tools' Cat. No. ET45VP Kit includes an Electronic Voltage Tester, Cat. No. ET45 and a Receptacle Tester, Cat. No. RT210. The ET45 is designed as a simple, easy to use tester to check, verify or troubleshoot common residential electrical wiring in electrical outlets, light fixtures, doorbells and more. This tester does not require batteries, and features a pocket clip for convenient carrying. The RT210 is designed to detect the most common wiring problems in standard and GFCI receptacles. A convenient chart on the tester helps determine wiring condition in outlet, based on LED lights results. Conditions indicated: open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot / ground reversed.

ET45: Electronic Products; RT210: GFCI and Standard Receptacle Tester
Measure AC/DC Voltage and Determine Wiring Condition in Outlet
Special Features:
ET45: Built-in Test Lead Holders; RT210: Convenient Chart on the Tester
Plastic Housing, PCB with Electronic Components
Drop Protection:
ET45: 9.9' (3 m); RT210: 6.6' (2 m)
ET45: Analog LED
ET45: AC Level Indicators: 24V, 48V, 120V, 240V; DC Level Indicators: 32V, 64V, 160V, 330V; RT210: 110/125V AC at 50/60Hz in. 3-Wire Outlet
ET45: 50/60 Hz
Ingress Protection:
ET45: IP44
Pollution Degree:
ET45: 2
Integral Lead Storage:
ET45: Yes
Interchangeable Leads:
ET45: No
Lead Length:
ET45: 9'' (23 cm)
ET45 Electronic Voltage Tester; RT210 Receptacle Tester
Overall Length:
ET45: 4.45'' (11.3 cm); RT210: 1.62'' (4.1 cm)
Overall Height:
ET45: 1.19'' (3 cm); RT210: 2.88'' (7.3 cm)
Overall Width:
ET45: 1.05'' (2.7 cm); RT210: 1.88'' (4.8 cm)
ET45: 1.8 oz (52.0 g); RT210: 1.9 oz (54 g)
Additional Information
  • Read, understand, and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings attached to and/or packed with all test and measurement devices before each use.
  • Before each use, verify tester operation by measuring a known voltage.
  • Never use the tester on a circuit with voltages that exceed the category based rating of this tester.
  • Always adhere to local and national safety codes. Use personal protective equipment to prevent shock and arc blast injury where hazardous live conductors are exposed.
  • Usage of this tester in any way other than that specified by the manufacturer can impair safe operation, resulting in severe injury or death.
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